Combo Valve 1 1/4″ Remote control Valve

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The Combo Valve 1 1/4″ Remote control valve is an industry workhorse.

The combination of the air inlet valve and blow-down valve functions are controlled simultaneously by the Combo Valve, which eliminates premature failure of the blow-down system.This normally closed, self-sealing, fail-safe valve can be controlled with pneumatic remote controls.

The piston assembly instantly shifts, which opens the air inlet and pinching closed the blow-down hose, starting the blasting operation.

None of the usual wear and tear or failures found in competitive blow-down systems can occur with this Valve.

The Valve eliminates the need for abrasive traps, expensive plungers and diaphragms that can require frequent, unscheduled and costly downtime.

The Valve offers superior performance, durability and reliability.

Combo Valve Features

• Rugged, non-corrosive body
• Twinline hose connection
• Unitized position assembly
• Blowdown hose pinch ram
• Large internal passage for improved blasting productivity

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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