Abrasives & Blasting Media & Eco Friendly Paint Remover

We offer a wide full range of Abrasives & Blasting Media & Eco Friendly Paint Remover for you to archive you surface preparation. & Eco Friendly Paint Remover

If you need Light-soft abrasive or heavy coarse abrasive/media or even something in between………

Soft/light abrasive                              Expendable Abrasive /media

Reusable abrasive / media               Specialist Abrasives/media


Our Blasting abrasives stocks include:

Ecoss Soda, Calcium carbonate, Plastic abrasives

RGRIT-Iron Silicate, Eco Restoration (Aluminium Silicate)

Aluminium Oxide, Steel Shot, Chilled Iron, Glass bead, , Garnet,

Sponge Blasting Abrasive / media

and other specialist mixes.

Do you need more help deciding what is the best abrasive call our sales department on +44 (0) 1253 393406 today.

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