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Optimised Equipment Hire for Cost-Effective Blasting

Considering a one-off or short-term project? Hiring from N.A. Robson Ltd can be a budget-friendly solution. We not only offer competitive rates on blast cleaning equipment hire but also ensure you’re well-equipped with comprehensive instructions. This guarantees the safe and effective use of every piece of equipment you hire.

Diverse Fleet with Tailored Options

Our hire fleet boasts four distinct sizes of blast pots, available both as standalone units or as comprehensive packages inclusive of hoses and operator safety equipment.

What sets our blast pots apart? Years of invaluable feedback from leading contractors and our vast clientele. This has empowered us to craft a range of robust machines that balance functionality with reliability, meeting the exacting demands of the industry.

Simplified Hiring with BLAST SPARES DIRECT

How Our Hiring Process Works:

Choose between a standalone Blast Pot or a ready-to-use package, complemented with a selection of accessories.

Opt for extended hose lengths at a marginal extra cost.

Our standard package features:

  • Dry Blast Pot in sizes: 18L (1/2 bag), 50L (1.5 bag), 100L (3 bag), and 200L (6 bag).
  • Each pot is equipped with a remote control valve, abrasive metering valve, and water separator.
  • 10 metres of blast hose, remote control hose, deadman handle, and venturi nozzle.
  • An air-fed blast helmet, breathing filter, and 10 metres breathing air line.
  • Need more hoses? They’re available in 10m lengths.

Please note: The quoted prices exclude VAT, abrasive media, compressor, and delivery/collection charges.

Range of Air Compressors for Hire

We provide a spectrum of air compressors, ranging from 230 CFM to 405 CFM. Explore more on our dedicated compressor hire page (Coming Soon).

Available Blast Pot Sizes:

  • 18L: Compact and transportable, this pot easily fits into the trunk of an estate car. Perfect for touch-ups, small tasks, or sporadic blasting.
  • 50L: Combines portability with capacity – nearly three times the abrasive of the 18L Pot, yet manageable by one person.
  • 100L: The go-to choice for medium to large projects, effortlessly transportable in a small van.
  • 200L: Engineered for expansive cleaning projects, minimizing refill downtime.

Trust in the expertise and legacy of N.A. Robson Ltd for all your abrasive blasting needs. We’re here to elevate your blasting experience, one hire at a time.

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