CPF-03547 Clemco Breathing Air Filter Cartridge

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The Industry standard filter cartridge with slot fit into most standard Breathing Air Filter Units.


CPF-03547 Clemco Breathing Air filter Cartridge.
The Industry Standard Filter Cartridge with Slot, Fit Into Most Standard Breathing Air Filter Units.

CPF-03547 Clemco Breathing Air filter Cartridge Fit our AAF-1 Breathing Air filter

This Air Filter Is Designed To Remove:
Water vapour and Particles Down To 0.5 Micron in Size

Very Important:

This Filter Will Not Remove
* Carbon Monoxide (Co)
* Carbon Dioxide (Co2)
and Other Toxic vapours

AAF breathing air filter

The Dimensions of the filter cartridge is as follows

Diameter 110mm.

Height 330mm.

The Manufactures recommend cartridges are changed every three months (as a minimum) or more frequently if oily odour or particles are present in the helmet




Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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