ECOSTRIP Water Induction Nozzle WIN-550

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About the ECOSTRIP Water Induction Nozzle WIN-550

ECOSTRIP Water Induction Nozzle (WIN Nozzle)

The ECOSTRIP  WIN-550 5/16″ 8mm NOZZLE SYSTEM has been developed and patented as a simple solution for high production, dust free blasting which can be used with your existing pressure blast equipment.

Our Ecostrip WIN system nozzles are made from BP200 SiAlON liner lightweight compared to Tungsten carbide.

The system can be used with water from a tap or rust inhibitors introduced though any simple pump. No special equipment is required and you will get the highest performance possible in wet abrasive blasing technology.

  • Simple, low cost operation
  • No special equipment reqired
  • Low pressure water source.
  • Minimal water consumption:1 – 6 litres per minute dependent on level of dust suppression desired.
  • Dual operation as a dry or wet blast nozzle
  • The WIN system performs as well as any wet as any wet blast system at the fraction of the cost



The ECOSTRIP Water Induction Nozzle (WIN Nozzle) also goes hand in hand with our own Ecostrip system



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